—> right over there under the pages section! I have the stickers and books. I will put the tshirts up ASAP. I have them with free shipping. If you would like the book personally autographed, please say to who, in the comments when you order it.

Working right now to set up paypal buttons

Alright once I get this set up I will have links to buy the stickers and books directly from me.

Sorry about the lack of updates.

I will focus more time to this site in the future. Word is finally getting around so I guess I should stay on top of it.

Coupon code direct from publisher

This code is good until Dec. 14th direct from the publisher. So if you need a present for someone, or just a copy for yourself Order soon!

25% off Coupon Code: BUYMYBOOK305
Coupon expires December 14, 2011


OFF! Oct 15th at Siberia

Gonna be a great show. Keith Morris will not only show that he still has it, he will shove it down your throat.

I will have a small number of books on hand at the show if you need one!

Shell Shock at tupelo’s in NOLA

Alright all, here is Shell Shock from the early 80’s. Quality is crap but you can sing along still. Kids today don’t know how easy they have it with bootlegging shows!!!

More Books on the way!

Am trying to blag my way into the Meat Puppets show with a table. We’ll see!


Working on a book release show in Sept. Trying to go old school and get people out of retirement. Have a few biggies I am working on.

Wondering how people are finding this page

So where are the hits coming from? Facebook, Links, blogs etc.?

Flyer Gallery crashed! Uploading it again now!